ATA membership cards:

Online Member card service

The Association offers an online self-serve member card service. ATA members can now can login to their ATA online services account at to view and print their own member cards.

Why print your member card? ATA member cards are useful identification of your employment as a teacher or membership in The Alberta Teachers' Association in order to attend special events, receive discounts, or be eligible for other offers from retailers and service providers.

With the introduction of self-serve member card distribution, the Association has discontinued the production and mailing of plastic member cards.

To print your ATA member card from a desktop computer (suggested)

  • sign into the Association website (Click Login, located in the dark blue bar at thetop of the page)
  • scroll down the page to find My Online Account in grey letters, to the right side of the screen, just underneath the photo carousel
  • click Update your profile (note that if you’re not yet signed into ATA Online Services that you will be prompted to log in)
  • select the Member Card tab and view the sample member card displayed
  • select View My Member Card and view an image of your actual member card
  • select Print My Member Card and you're done!



Note: if you are using a tablet or telephone device, the grey My Online Account and Update your Profile links may display much further down the page; this is due to the page display adapting to the screen size of your device. 


If you don't yet have an ATA online services account (this is required to print you ATA member card) you may activate your ATA account at the account creation page.

Should you have a question about activating your ATA online services account or accessing your self-service member card, please contact ATA Online Services Support at or toll free at 1-855-407-3891.